HCP is growing stably that has a lot of distributors around the world connecting a tight sales network.

After accumulating rich experience of pump technology by learning customers’ engineering knowledge and supportive business for decades, we developed a wide product sales and service system.

We are strengthening our step of international marketing through participating international exhibition and advertisement, collecting customers’ need from different country, and connecting with global market trend.

Now, we are doing business with more than 60 countries and the number is still increasing.

Global Distribution

HCP has been accumulating professional experiences for 40 years and launched 18 series, 645 models pumps which can be applied in different areas, for example, public construction, factory, playground, residential water use, wastewater reclamation, agriculture, aquaculture, low-lying area ponding and landscape architecture. Now, we do business with more than 60 countries.

Product Insurance

All products of HCP have liability insurance.

Underwritten regions: entire globe (including United States, Canada and Taiwan)

Insurance amount: USD 1 million (NTD 30 million)

Insurance company: Chubb Insurance

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